Our Additional Clients Include:

  •  Town of Reading

  • Town of Wakefield

  • Town of North Reading

  • Town of Andover

  • Town of Tewksbury

  • Town of Lexington

  • Town of Winchester

  • City of Cambridge

  • Heritage Properties

  • Woburn DPW Site Improvements

  • Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation - Highway Div.

  • Hales Landing L.L.C.

  • Stonewood L.L.C.

  • LJ DiPalma

  • Watermark Environmental

  • Energy North / Germano Construction

  • Charles Hall Construction

  • Gateway Realty Trust

  • P.R.Z. Realty Trust

  • Columbia Construction

  • Pine Banks Park

  • Charter Environmental

  • Salisbury Hill Estates 

  • DF Pray, Inc.

  • 411 River Road

  • Electric Light Company






Town of Wenham

Longfellow Road Widening


City of Peabody

Sidewalk Construction of Perkins Street


Town of Georgetown

Culvert and Roadway Upgrade

Central St over Penn Brook

Georgetown, MA

Type of work:

  • Installation of 10'X7' box culvert
    across Central St

  • Installation of 48" culvert across Central St

  • Including cofferdams and water main relocation

Town of Tewksbury

Long Pond Watershed BMP Implementation

Tewksbury, MA

Type of work:

  • Installation of twenty-nine Storm Water BMPs with
    supplemental rain garden plantings

Massachusetts DOT – Highway Division
Bike Path Construction and Related Work,
Including Pedestrian Bridge
Belmont to Somerville

Type of work:

  • Curbing and Cold plane and Asphalt overlay

  • Cement concrete and brick pavement

  • Traffic control signal equipment

  • Prefabricated bridge 

  • Lighting

  • Drainage structures including water systems alterations

  • Pavement markings

  • Landscaping

Charter Environmental

Landfill Sewer Installation at Sutton Brook

Tewksbury, MA

Type of work:

  • Installation of 720 LF Sewer System 

Stonewood L.L.C.

Emerald Court

Type of Work:

  • 182 Residential Units

  • Irrigation

  • Landscaping; lawns, trees

Town of Tewksbury

East Street Water Main

Tewksbury, MA

Type of work:

  • 9,000 linear feet of 12" Water Main along East Street

  • Trench Excavation

  • Pipe Installation

  • Backfill

  • Trench Paving

Town of Tewksbury

Livingston Street Roadway Reconstruction

Tewksbury, MA

Type of work:

  • Reconstruction of approx. 1,300 LF of roadway and sidewalk to include new drainage piping and headwalls 

  • Material excavation

  • Special sub-grade construction using tire shreds (lightweight fill) and removal and disposal of contaminated soil

Forest Ridge Subdivision

Rowley, MA

Type of work:

  • Complete Construction of a 3500 LF Industrial Roadway

  • Installation of all Utilities

  • Curbing

  • Detention Ponds

  • Retaining Wall

Heritage Properties

Charnstaff Lane

Type of work:

  • Retaining Wall

  • Sewer

  • Drainage and sub-drainage

  • Foundations

  • Roadway

  • Landscaping



Mass Highway Department

Salem - Marblehead - Swampscott

Type of Work:

  • Roadway Reconstruction

  • Roadway Signals

  • Landscaping


Academy Hill Development 
Habitech Homes

Groton, MA

Type of work:

  • Site Preparation

  • Road Construction

  • Domestic Water System

  • Storm System

  • Electrical

  • Landscaping