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Site Development

Town of Tewksbury

Long Pond Watershed BMP Implementation

Tewksbury, MA

Type of work:

  • Installation of 29 Storm Water BMPs with supplemental rain
    garden plantings

Menotomy Fountain Rehabilitation

Town of Arlington - Historical Restoration
Type of Work:

  • Selective Demolition and Removals

  • Construction of new lower basin, hydraulic system, electrical system,
    and bonding system

  • Restoration of upper and mid basin

  • Brick walkway Restoration

  • Concrete Foundations

  • Fencing and Site Furnishings

  • Tree Removal, Planting, Landscaping

Walter Morris Playground Renovation

City of Everett
Type of Work:

  • Selective Demolition and Removals

  • Rock Excavation

  • Concrete Paving and patching

  • Site Grading

  • Water Utilities & Drainage 

  • Granite Curbing

  • Installation of fencing, new equipment & Site Furnishings

  • Landscaping

McGlew Park Renovation

City of Salem
Type of Work:

  • Selective Demolition and Removals

  • Concrete Paving and repairs

  • Site Grading

  • Granite Wall, Gabion Wall, Fencing

  • Sports field Refurbishment, wood trail bridges 

  • Installation of Playground Structures, Safety Surfacing, 
    & Site Furnishings

  • Tree Removal, Planting, Landscaping and Irrigation

Hatter's Point Development, Phase II

Type of Work:

  • Site work for Condo Development

  • Building Excavation

  • Site Grading

  • Installation of all underground utilities including sewer, water,
    and drainage

  • Retaining walls

  • Landscaping 

Town of Andover

South School Site Improvements

Type of Work:

  • Construct Access Roadway

  • Concrete Curbing

  • Landscaping 


Heritage Properties

Clark's Hill Village

Type of Work:

  • Site Grading

  • Complete Ultility System installation for 28-unit subdivision 

  • 2,000 LF Sewer, 2,800 LF Water, 1,300 LF drainage

  • Excavation and Backfill for Foundations

  • 4,000 SY Paving

  • Landscaping

Stonewood L.L.C.

Emerald Court

Type of Work:

  • 182 Residential Units

  • Irrigation

  • Landscaping; lawns, trees

Woburn DPW Site Improvements

City of Woburn

Type of Work:

  • Site clearing and Demolition

  • Site Grading

  • Storm Water Drainage system

  • Concrete Retaining Walls

Energy North/Germano Construction

Automotive Service Facility

Tewksbury, MA

Type of work:

  • Site preparation 

  • Rough grading 

  • Drainage system

  • Building foundation and utilities 

  • Site lighting and structures 

  • Sidewalks, berm, asphalt paving 

  • Landscaping

Watermark Environmental

Hanscom Air Force Base

Fort Devens, MA

Type of work:

  • Building Additions

  • Associated Site Work

  • Landscaping



Town of Tewksbury

Livingston Street Roadway Reconstruction

Tewksbury, MA

Type of work:

  • Reconstruction of approx. 1,300 LF of roadway and sidewalk to include new drainage piping and headwalls 

  • Material excavation

  • Special sub-grade construction using tire shreds (lightweight fill) and removal and disposal of contaminated soil

Charles Hall Construction

Assisted Living Facility

Tewksbury, MA
Type of Work:

  • Excavation

  • Site utilities

  • Paving

  • Landscaping 

Town of Lexington

Old Reservoir Water Quality Improvements  

Lexington, MA

Type of work:

  • Water control at Residential Beach at Old Reservoir

  • Drainage Improvements

  • Detention Basin

  • Erosion control

  • Construction of Walking Path and Parking Area

  • Landscaping



Heritage Properties

Charnstaff Lane

Type of work:

  • Retaining Wall

  • Sewer

  • Drainage and sub-drainage

  • Foundations

  • Roadway

  • Landscaping



Forest Ridge Subdivision

Rowley, MA

Type of work:

  • Complete Construction of a 3500 LF Industrial Roadway

  • Installation of all Utilities

  • Curbing

  • Detention Ponds

  • Retaining Wall

Academy Hill Development, Habitech Homes

Groton, MA

Type of work:

  • Site Preparation

  • Road Construction

  • Domestic Water System

  • Storm System

  • Electrical

  • Landscaping

  Our Additional Clients Include:

  • Town of Reading

  • Town of Wakefield

  • Town of North Reading

  • Town of Andover

  • Town of Tewksbury

  • Town of Lexington

  • Town of Winchester

  • City of Cambridge

  • Heritage Properties

  • Woburn DPW Site Improvements

  • Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation - Highway Div.

  • Hales Landing L.L.C.

  • Stonewood L.L.C.

  • LJ DiPalma

  • Watermark Environmental

  • Energy North / Germano Construction

  • Charles Hall Construction

  • Gateway Realty Trust

  • P.R.Z. Realty Trust

  • Columbia Construction

  • Pine Banks Park

  • Charter Environmental

  • Salisbury Hill Estates 

  • DF Pray, Inc.

  • 411 River Road

  • Electric Light Company





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